Postscript: Charles Town, Race 9, May 22

Second Batallion closed well to win the 9th at Charles Town.  Let’s see how the race played out by revisiting the questions from the race preview.

Q: How is the track playing tonight — are horses able to close?  If they are, then Second Battalion looms large.

A: Horses were able to close on the track (if good enough) all night.  Hiraldo had Second Battalion a bit closer at the start, which helped. It was a good ride on a fair track.


Q: Can Dunkelberger make a difference on Huggy Boy?

A: Not really. Huggy Boy did make up some ground in the middle of the race, but wasn’t involved and was well-beaten.


Q: Will Readysetketch show more stamina in his 4th start since the layoff?

A: Not so much. He was sharp and winging it on the lead.  Perhaps a bit more rating would have left more for the stretch, but he didn’t have enough to hit the board.

Here’s the chart (provided by Equibase).