About All Day Racing

All Day Racing is no longer an actively updated site. It ran from May 2014 until August 2018. The site is home to the horse racing and handicapping writing of Seth Abrams and contains a free downloadable PDF copy of his e-book, “Stealing Money from the Crowd.” That is available here. His wagering writing and videos now are hosted on WagerWell.com and in other gambling outlets.

The site contains mainly two types of articles. The first are articles focused on the wagering theory and psychology. The ultimate goal of these articles is to increase your edge in the games you play. These are extremely relevant to all types of wagering and are the type of article/video that you find on the new site. If you scroll further, you will come to 4 years of horse race previews. There are several hundred, with a focus of major 2-year-old and 3-year-old races. These are littered with general wagering concepts, particularly the notion of value. Another book is planned with hidden horse racing betting insights relevant to other sports, using these previews as a platform.

Have a question or comment for Seth? E-mail him at WagerWellSeth at gmail.com.