All Day Racing Talks: A Premium Audio Series

I am please to announce the debut of All Day Racing Talks, a premium audio series on the great works of handicapping.

Like in my college courses, I strive to make the material interesting, relevant, and, importantly, clear. I routinely received excellent evaluations from students for my classes, and I am always thrilled to discuss my favorite subjects, the art and science of handicapping and horse racing.

For the first series, I will be talking about a particular author’s work in each episode. Importantly, there is no expectation that you have read the authors or books that I’m discussing. I try to save you time and provide you with insight by teaching the relevant parts of the books, with special attention to contrarian strategies that still pay well today. Much like in my college classroom, I also add further insight throughout the talks. And, much like an advanced course, the talks work together as a whole, exploring key themes in handicapping.

Additionally, for those who have already read the classics, these talks can also be refreshers of a book’s content and author’s approach. I routinely go back to these works yearly — especially when I fall into bad patterns — and these should easily serve this purpose.

If you’ve enjoyed my work at All Day Racing — and especially the Podcast — then I encourage you to explore these talks. The first premium talk is on Ainslie’s Complete Guide to Thoroughbred Handicapping and is available for purchase here. Future talks in this series will cover:

  • Andrew Beyer, Picking WinnersThe Winning Horseplayer
  • James Quinn, The Handicapper’s Condition Book & The Complete Handicapper
  • Tom Brohamer, Modern Pace Handicapping
  • Barry Meadow, Money Secrets at the Racetrack
  • Mark Cramer, Value Handicapping & Thoroughbred Cycles
  • Steven Crist, Exotic Betting

And many more!

Image: Ilmicrofono Oggiono, “professional-retro-microphone–dj-headphones.”  Copyright 2014.