Podcast #4: Ellis Starr

I had a great conversation with Ellis Starr, National Racing Analyst for Equibase. He can be found on Twitter @ubercapper. If you’re not following him, you should!

We talked about many things related to handicapping. Highlights include:

  • Being involved in the very early days of the internet
  • Art v. Science of Handicapping
  • Changes in the Game
  • Record-keeping
  • Value
  • Confidence v. Arrogance
  • Emotional side of the game
  • Run-outs
  • Trusting yourself
  • Lifetime learning
  • Random Events
  • Revisiting past races
  • Wagering as a science
  • Handicapping by elimination
  • Uncertainty
  • Bell Curve of decision theory
  • Representative races
  • Multi-race strategies

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