Handicapping Perspectives

A player must develop their own style independent of the mainstream and learn how to adjust this style to consistently fade the public. The best way to accomplish this is to be introduced to a number of different models of horse racing simultaneously. By doing this, the player can evaluate and compare the effectiveness of different models and find the perspective that works best for them.

What perspectives should the beginning horseplayer be introduced to?  I suggest five, with the pre-eminent author in parentheses.

  • Value Handicapping (Mark Cramer)
  • Speed Handicapping (Andrew Beyer)
  • Class Handicapping (James Quinn)
  • Running Line Handicapping (Tom Ainsle)
  • Pace Handicapping (Tom Brohamer)

This is not an exclusive list of all models of a horse race. But it is, nonetheless, an excellent starting point for beginning to understand the races.