Belmont #3 — Postscript

Let’s take a look back at the last race to see the answers to the questions that I posed earlier. The questions were:

Will Purling maintain the main track Aqueduct form that has served her well?  

She seemed to slip a little bit and we’ll have to wait for the speed figure to be sure. She ran well for second, so she didn’t hate it, but was no match for the winner.

Who will get the lead?

Bridgetta got the lead and had plenty for the stretch.

How does Bridgetta break off the layoff?

Bridgetta looked relatively sharp in the paddock and broke well.  That was pretty much all she needed today.

It was Bridgetta’s race from the outset. Purling wasn’t as sharp, and Retalfa had some trouble, but still probably wasn’t good enough.  These three clearly were the best of the race.